BACO Health Consult

Assuming that buildings are developed for humans a suitable environment has to be provided to support the potential of humans and to support their performance in which they can deliver excellence. With BACO Health Consultation soft success factors are implemented in the design to secure the healthy environment for the users of the buildings during the life span of a building.

In cooperation with the IPR Institute for Electromagnetic Harmonization BACO Health Consult promotes human health by neutralization both technical and naturally occurring interference fields. The IPR Institute uses frequency modulators to neutralize harmful frequencies.

The efficiency of the measures can be proven by electroencephalogram (EEG). Scientific analysis show a tremendous increase of brain activity in "harmonized" buildings.

The harmonized buildings improve mental capacity and concentration. Fatigue is reduced and well-being increased.

Benefits of electromagnetic harmonization:

  • stay free of electromagnetic interference
  • improved concentration
  • wellness-effect
  • better regeneration
  • improved immune system